Fishing in Dullstroom

Dullstroom is well known for its flyfishing, the climate and geography being ideal for supporting trout. Most dams in the area are stocked with rainbow trout, some have browns, and a few stock the prized golden trout. Trout are also found in parts of the Crocodile River, which flows through Dullstroom, as well as the Klipspruit and Dorps rivers. 

Largemouth bass are found in some of the area's dams. While some flyfishing purists find this annoying, bass put up a great fight and can be rewarding when taken on a fly.

Please check with us or the venue owners before your trip as to whether a venue enforces certain rules, such as fly only, catch-and-release policy, stocking schedules, and whether other species are present.

Fishing is permitted year-round in the Dullstroom area, though in the winter months (May - August) fishing may prove difficult. It's always better to check with the experts as to how the fishing has been and what flies/tackle are best to use.

Some venues have to supplement the fish's diet, so please check with the venue when feeding takes place to avoid frustration.


Dullstroom town dams

  • Both town dams are open to all members of the public - the lower dam is strictly a catch and release trophy dam.
  • Access to the dams is through the caravan park gate and Oaklane private gate only.
  • Flyfishing only - no bait fishing or spinning allowed.
  • Catch limits apply to upper dam only, subject to the following note: Anglers may fish on a catch-and-release basis as well as taking their catch limit.
  • The lower dam is a catch and release only water - no fish may be taken under any circumstances (A R200 fine will be levied for each fish not returned to the water)
  • Float tubes are permitted only on the upper dam, at an additional cost, subject to a maximum number of 4 float tubers per day. No boats or powered craft of any kind are permitted. Float tubers are requested to fish no closer than 50 meters to bank anglers.
  • All fish that are taken are to be cleaned at the water's edge and entrails returned to the water.
  • You are obliged to produce your permits at the request of any Dullstroom Dams bailiff
  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid Mpumalanga Angling License - which they are required to produce when buying tickets (Available from Village Angler)
  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid permit to fish the Dullstroom Dams. These are only available from the caravan park main gate.

Other fishing venues

Laverpa 013 254 0270

7km outside of Dullstroom en route to Lydenburg. Three well stocked dams, catch and release only. Booking essential.

Bird of Prey Centre Lake 013 254 0270

A prominent medium sized Stillwater (about 3Ha) visible form the road just before you enter the village of Dullstroom, from the Johannesburg side, on the right hand side. Browns and rainbows, catch and release only.

Fish Eagle Pond 013 254 0270

Fish guaranteed, dead easy, all methods, no catch and release.

Elandskloof 013 254 0136

Ten well-stocked dams, camping, chalets.

Dunkeld 013 254 0814

Thirteen dams. Day permits.

Tackle shops

Mavungana 013 254 0270

Excellent range of flyfishing tackle, clothing and leather goods. Flyfishing tuition on several waters in the Dullstroom area.

The Blue Shop 013 254 0173

The Village Angler 013 254 0045

Accommodation with fishing

Many farm venues have fishing waters on the property, and some venues in town have close access to fishing.

List farm venues with fishing on the property  

List town venues with fishing close by

Catch and release

  • Always use barbless flies. To de-barb a fly simply crimp the barb with a small pair of pliers.
  • Try to bring the fish in as quickly as possible without over-stressing it.
  • Remove the hook without lifting the fish out of the water.
  • If you have to handle the fish wet your hands first to reduce damage.
  • To lessen the time taken to get the fish swimming again use a small pliers or forceps to remove the hook.
  • Take care not to squeeze the fish or damage its gills.
  • If the fish seems lazy and doesn't swim away after release, support it gently and try to get water flowing through its gills before coaxing it to swim away.
  • If the fish is foul hooked or you cannot release the hook, cut the line and leave it to swim away.

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